Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eat your peas!

My TOTALLY awesome, ROCK STAR hairdresser blessed me with a
as a baby gift! I was overwhelmed with her generosity and have been anxious to try it out! Im not excited that my baby is 5 months old, :( but soo excited that I can finally play with my new toy! :)

I cannot believe I fed my first born processed baby food but I was naive and knew not of the fun gadgets available. When you think about it....a banana does not naturally have a shelf life of 3 years so what in the heck is in those cutesy little jars that allows banana's to last that long?? yick! Anyways....

Tonight I made my first batch of baby food and it was sooo much fun!! I made peas, bananas, brown rice and sweet potatos. My cutie pie ate some of his peas and loved them! SUCCESS!! One batch of peas cost around a $1 and made 8 servings!! Better nutritionally and CHEAPER!! woop woop!!

I thought you might like a picture or two of my little cutie eating his first homemade baby food :)
not quite sure at first

These are good dad!
(please excuse that my son is wearing a Halloween bib haha)

I cannot wait to try out new foods and new combos as he gets older! Do you have any recipes you have tried that your baby loved? Any tips?


  1. Lesley's favorite was bananacado or pureed bananas and avocadoes. Drop of lemon juice keeps them from browning and they freeze beautifully.

  2. Friends of mine would freeze the portions in ice cube trays and (once frozen) in labeled ziplocs. Easy portioning and defrosting when its time to eat!