Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Devotion

When contemplating our goals for the new year, my husband and I decided that a part of our "intentional parenting" was going to be to start a family devotion. We wanted a devotion that we could read together at dinner time that could lead into further discussion with our almost 4 year old. I had a specific idea in my head of how I wanted the devotion to be structured and was thrilled when I found this devotion that fit my requirements:

This is a sample from one of the first devotions from the book:

The second page of the devotion features a life application question and a prayer. So far, the book has really been a blessing to us. Just tonight we were discussing the trinity with our daughter and were really surprised at how well she was able to grasp what we were trying to explain to her. While we know she might not totally understand some of the complex subjects, such as the trinity, we are confident that we are planting seeds that will one day take root in her precious little heart and, God willing, grow into a deep love and devotion to the heavenly Father. We are so excited to see the ways God uses this time to teach us and reveal himself to us this year!

Does your family have a devotion book/program that you treasure?

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