Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few of my favorite things...

I have always been a LOVER of fashion and all things GIRLY! This is no big surprise to me considering my mom is the EXACT same way....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree y'all!. :) It is also no big surprise to me that my almost 4 year old daughter is ALREADY a LOVER of all things girly, such as makeup, clothing, shoes, and her favorite, purses! So, in honor of 3 generations of SUPER GIRLY girls...I give to you a sampling of a few of my favorite girly things right now :)
Got this for Christmas and I am in LOVE! Urban decay eyeshadows and their eye priming potion (the purple bottle) are MY FAVS!

I LOVE me some cowboy boots!! Once I reach my goal weight, my hubby has said that he is treating me to a shopping spree and I PROMISE you I am going to buy myself some fancy boots like the Old Gringo pair above!
I LOVE great jeans! The ones pictured are by Miss Me and you can count on my hiney being in a pair once I'm a skinnier version of myself! :) In fact, these very jeans are part of my motivation to lose weight....kinda of like hanging a bikini on the wall for motivation...I actually considering titling my blog "Losing for my Miss Me's or something catchy like that..haha). A friend recently asked me what the big deal with designer jeans is and I had to fill her in on the wonderful qualities such as booty lifting :) cute embellishments, great quality etc...if you have never had a pair or even tried them should! You will be hooked! :)
I also adore clutch purses! I would say I have a small collection that a certain almost 4 year old has claimed as hers only based on the fact that she thinks they are the perfect size for her ;) Something about the daintiness and detail on these small bags just grabs me and it could also be that life feels simpler when all you can fit in your purse is a few dollars, a card or two, a mint and a lipstick. That's all a girl really needs anyways right? But my reality is I carry this beauty:
I can fit half my house in it and for my life right now, its GREAT! 2 of my sweet friends got this for me as a baby shower gift and I am soo grateful to them for their generosity!

I could keep on and on with this list but we'll save some for another post :)

What are some of your favorite girly things??

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